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Hand that sees offers new hope to amputees
Hand that sees offers new hope to amputees
A NEW generation of prosthetic limbs which will allow the wearer to reach for objects automatically, without thinking - just like a real hand - are to be trialled for the first time. 
Led by biomedical engineers at Newcastle University and funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, the bionic hand is fitted with a camera which instantaneously takes a picture of the object in front of it, assesses its shape and size and triggers a series of movements in the hand. 
Bypassing the usual processes which require the user to see the object, physically stimulate the muscles in the arm and trigger a movement in the prosthetic limb, the hand 'sees' and reacts in one fluid movement. 
A small number of amputees have already trialled the new technology and now the Newcastle University team are working with experts at Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to offer the 'hands with eyes' to patients at Newcastle's Freeman Hospital.

Physiotherapy clinic opens
Physiotherapy clinic opens
A LEADING Guiseley physiotherapy provider which has increased its client base by a third has moved into new and expanded premises in the region. 
Award-winning occupational physiotherapy provider Physio Med has significantly increased its client base in the region over the last 12 months, and the dramatic period of growth has facilitated a move to expanded premises in the Aireborough Leisure Centre. 
Featuring three state-of-the-art treatment rooms and a waiting area, the clinic offers a wide range of cutting-edge treatments, including shockwave and laser therapies, acupuncture, sports massage, and back and neck treatments. 
Clinical governance officer Paul Wimpenny; physiotherapist Danielle Stones; and clinical director Mark Fletcher outside the new clinic.

Architecture and occupational therapy students join to design for dementia
Architecture and occupational therapy students join to design for dementia
GROUPS of architecture and occupational therapy students at Robert Gordon University have joined forces for a collaborative learning opportunity focusing on the needs of individuals with dementia in relation to their living environments. 
The joint teaching and learning sessions were developed as an innovative way to support these third year students and encourage future colleagues to collaborate, learning with and from each other. 
The project has enabled a better understanding of building design and interpreting plans for the occupational therapy students, while the architecture students have gained awareness and knowledge of the needs of this particular population.

Podiatry service retains customer service mark
Podiatry service retains customer service mark
SHEFFIELD Teaching Hospitals' podiatry service has retained its prestigious Customer Service Excellence Standard for the 19th year. 
The Sheffield Podiatry Services' team provide a range of treatment for people with foot problems at NHS centres and clinics throughout Sheffield, including treatments for patients with acute foot conditions, nail surgery and regular clinics for patients with diabetes and rheumatology who are more susceptible to foot damage and pain. 
The team is one of a handful of services in Sheffield to hold the Government-accredited mark, which recognises best practice in customer service.  
During a two-day annual assessment, the team were praised for providing excellent patient care 
and their continual commitment to putting patients at the heart of their services.  
Feedback from patients was also extremely positive.

Lucy awarded prestigious Scholarship
Lucy awarded prestigious Scholarship
Third year Glasgow Caledonian University student Lucy Forsyth has been awarded a prestigious Carnegie Trust Vacation Scholarship to undertake a piece of independent research during the summer break.  
The podiatry student will work under txhe supervision of Dr Gordon Hendry, lecturer in musculoskeletal rehabilitation, and Dr Lisa Newcombe, lecturer in podiatry, both of whom work in GCU's Musculoskeletal Health Research Group, on a project entitled 'Intrinsic foot muscle cross-sectional area in people with and without plantar heel pain'.
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