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New physiotherapist to help improve clients' personal wellness
New physiotherapist to help improve clients' personal wellness
PHYSIO Med has expanded its award-winning team with the addition of a new physiotherapist. 
Danielle Stones has joined the company's experienced clinical team, where she will be responsible for helping to enable clients to return to work and maintain their wellbeing. 
After graduating from Leeds Metropolitan University with a first class degree in physiotherapy in 2014, Danielle spent two years working at the prestigious Yorkshire Clinic in Bingley, before joining Physio Med earlier this year. 
An experienced professional in the field of hand therapy - a discipline which combines physiotherapy with occupational therapy techniques such as scar management, joint mobilisation and splinting - Danielle is able to treat and manage a range of upper limb and hand conditions.  
She is also fully competent at using manual therapy techniques, electrotherapy, isokinetics and massage in order to treat individuals suffering from musculoskeletal injuries and conditions.

Students design prosthetics that are fit for high heels
Students design prosthetics that are fit for high heels
A GROUP of researchers from John Hopkins University have developed a new device that not only helps women adjust to life without a limb, but also accommodates fashion footwear. 
Called the 'Prominence,' it would be the first prosthetic foot on the market that is not custom made that adapts to popular fashion for heels up to four inches high. 
'High heels have become an integral part of the female lifestyle in modern society, permeating through all aspects of life - professional and social,' the five students who graduated from the university's Whiting School of Engineering wrote in their final project report. 'For female veterans of the U.S. armed services with lower limb amputations, that seemingly innocuous, but so pervasive, and decidedly feminine part of their lives is gone.' 
Scores of prosthetic feet are available on the market, but most are built to fit men's shoes, and none can adjust to a heel more than two inches high. That's less than the average women's heel height in the United States.

Parents urged to act to avoid missing out on grant
Parents urged to act to avoid missing out on grant
THE Department of Health has announced that the £1.5m Government funding, which was revealed earlier this year, for the provision of children's sports prostheses and research has been ring-fenced and is now available for limb centres to access. 
Parents in England can now take their children to NHS Limb Fitting Centres to be assessed for eligibility. The funding is open to children and young people under the age of 18. Currently £750,000 has been set aside for the sports limbs with a cap of £5,000 per limb. Limb centres across England can apply for funding up until March 2018 and there are currently no plans in place for future funding, however this is being investigated. It is therefore advisable that parents act fast before the money is gone. 
The Department of Health will be working with the charity Limbpower who has been chosen to carry out an administrative role to support Limb Centres and families thought the application process.

Trust builds new workshop in grounds
Trust builds new workshop in grounds
THE Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Foundation Trust has invested in the in-house orthotics manufacturing department by building a new manufacturing workshop based within the hospital grounds. 
The new workshop is purpose built and has replaced the previous building which was in place for over 10 years but deemed unsafe due to the nature of its construction.  
This investment has secured the future of the department which has been based at the hospital for over 30 years and has continued to develop over the years and now employs nine staff. 
The workshop, which was designed by Lance Jones, orthotic production manager, in conjunction with the Trusts Estates department, has a flow through manufacturing process consisting of five production areas, dispatch area and offices.

Company plans for the future by doubling size of premises
Company plans for the future by doubling size of premises
BEAGLE Orthopaedic has more than doubled its premises to continue its success and plan for the future. 
Founded in 2010, the Blackburn company has purchased the adjoining unit on the industrial estate where it is based, taking it from 1,500 sq ft to 4,250 sq fit. 
Custom fabrication director, Andy Dewsbury, said: 'Expanding into the new building has enabled us to look ahead and invest in even more staff to cope with the demand from our customers. 
'We started the expansion three years ago when we took on two young lads as apprentices. This has worked brilliantly for us. We invested in local people and gave them a chance to train in a unique industry.' 
Andy said that the company now plans to employ three more apprentices in the near future as it looks to remain at the forefront of the industry.
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