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'Fit not Frumpy' - How Shoe Fitting Can Benefit Everyone
'Fit not Frumpy' - How Shoe Fitting Can Benefit Everyone
The Society of Shoe Fitters / Healthy Footwear Guide Scheme  
Monday 19th September 2016 
Cottesbrooke Building, Park Campus,  
University of Northampton  
Hosted by the University of Northampton and supported by the University of Salford  
'FIT NOT FRUMPY' - the 1st UK Conference aimed at the footwear industry and health professionals, jointly organised between The Society of Shoe Fitters and the Healthy Footwear Guide Scheme, will take place on Monday 19th September 2016, kindly hosted by the University of Northampton and supported by the University of Salford. This day conference will consider the importance of shoe fit and highlight recent research by academics that supports the need for greater shoe fitting knowledge within the industry and public awareness. It provides guidance to inform the shoe fitting process and to offer some insights into developmental work in the footwear industry. In addition to health professional reports there will be expert shoe fitter presentations based on their experiences in the industry to show why professional shoe fitting is so important for the health of the nation ….and will help to sell shoes that won't come back to customers who will! 
The conference will be relevant to shoe retailers, industry professionals, clinicians working with footwear and those undertaking research on footwear and shoe fit.  
The conference has been generously supported by the University of Northampton and the University of Salford. Tea, coffee and a light lunch will be provided through the facilities at the University of Northampton and included in the entry fee.  
The aim is to make this an affordable event for all. The cost of the conference is only £50 (full delegates), £35 (students) with early bird rates of £42 (full delegates), £30 (students) for those who sign up to attend before 1st July 2016. There is a limit of 120 places at this event. 
A small number of trade stands are available (£200) on a 'first-come-first-served' basis - contact Laura West ( or Mike Curran ( 
Delegate bookings can be made via the following link: 
CONFERENCE PROGRAMME: The provisional programme for the conference is as follows: 
09-00: Registration - coffee and tea 
09-30: Opening of the Conference (Professor Nick Petford, Vice Chancellor, the University of Northampton)  
09-40: Welcome/Introduction (Prof. Wesley Vernon OBE, President of The Society of Shoe Fitters) 
09-50: 'If the Shoe Fits: A footwear choice toolkit'. Keynote Lecture (Professor Victoria Robinson,  
Director of Learning & Teaching / Professor of Sociology, York University) 
10-20: Presentation: 'The Importance of Fit for Adults' (Ellie Dickins, S.S.F. Past President, Ellie Dickins Shoes, Hungerford) 
10-40: Presentation: 'The Work of the S.S.F. ' (Laura West F.S.S.F. and Tanya Marriott M.S.S.F.) 
1100: Coffee/tea - trade stands  
1130: Presentation: 'The Healthy Footwear Guide Scheme' (Assoc. Professor Mike Curran, the University of Northampton) 
11-50 Presentation: Orthotics: 'Myth Busting!' (Veronica Newton, Lecturer, the University of  
12-10: Presentation: 'Faced with Orthotics that Don't Fit' (Rosemary Gray, Council of the Society  
of Shoe Fitters) 
12-30: Q and A Panel (morning presenters) 
12-45: Lunch (Sunley Management Centre. The University of Northampton) 
13-45: Keynote Lecture: New Technology in Footwear Design (Professor Chris Nester, the  
University of Salford) 
14-05: 'Footwear Materials' (Rachel Garwood, Director of the Institute for Creative Leather  
Technologies [ICLT]) 
14-15; 'Footwear: A Fitting Design' (Chris Hill, Senior Lecturer in Footwear and Accessories, the  
University of Northampton) 
14-25: 'What Kind of Animal is a Faux?' (Amanda Michel, Director of Leather Wise Ltd) 
14-45: Coffee/tea - trade stands 
15-15: 'Footwear in Diagnosis: The Use of Wear Features of Shoes' (Professor Wesley Vernon  
OBE, President, the Society of Shoe Fitters) 
16-05: Q and A Panel (afternoon presenters) 
16-20: Concluding remarks - Dean of the School of Health, The University of Northampton 
16-30: Conference Close
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