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Introducing Allard UK, supplier and manufacturer of world class orthotics and prosthetics
ALLARD UK was launched this year to create a more streamlined approach to distributing their strong product line, which, through other distributors has proved successful with in the UK. 
Allard Support UK Ltd is a fully owned subsidiary of Camp Scandinavia, based in Sweden. 
Allard UK are able to offer the full range of truly innovative products developed by Camp Scandinavia, who have been manufacturing and supplying to the Orthotics and Prosthetic industry for the last 50 years. 
The aim of Allard UK is to build the company in the UK with the same strength and powerful products that they have managed to do successfully around the world.  
For more information Freephone 0800 051 7061, FreeFax: 0800-051 7069or email or

American becomes first paraplegic to scale Kilimanjaro
AN American man who broke his back in a freak skiing accident two decades ago has become the first paraplegic to scale Mount Kilimanjaro.  
Chris Waddell made it to the summit of the 19,340 feet African mountain after pedaling a custom made handcycle over seven days.  
Having planned and trained for almost two years, the 12 times Paralympic skiing medallist climbed the mountain and only required assistance at 18,300 feet to get over a walled section of large boulders just below Gilman's Point.

Games console and TV bought for hospital
A NINTENDO Wii and television has been purchased for use at a North Yorkshire Hospital. 
The Friends of Stead, which used to raise funds for the now disused Stead Memorial Hospital, has donated the equipment costing ¬£800 to Redcar Primary Care Hospital. 
The games system was at the top of the wish list of the occupational therapists and physiotherapists at the site. 
Occupational therapist Rachel Cowperthwaite said: 'It helps the patient improve particular movements, especially co-ordination and hand function, while having a bit of fun at the same time.'
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