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£1m unit improves stroke survival chances
STROKE patients' survival chances and recovery in Leicestershire have been improved thanks to a new £1m unit. 
The new facility at Leicester Royal, which has 36 beds on two wards as well as physiotherapy and occupational therapy areas, means patients do not  
have to travel elsewhere to be treated. 
Doctors said the changes would increase the number of patients who received thrombolysis clot-busting drugs, which must be given within three hours of the onset of a stroke to be most effective.

Researchers look to games consoles
TECHNOLOGY used in games consoles such as the Nintendo Wii may help stroke survivors improve communication skills. 
Stroke survivors, whose spoken and written language skills have been impaired, may be helped by a new study by researchers at City University's Centre for Human-Computer Interaction Design and Department of Language and Communication Science. 
They are exploring the use of motion sensing technologies, such as the Nintendo Wii, in the rehabilitation of people with aphasia - a language impairment, commonly caused by a stroke.
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