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Soundwaves used to detect osteoarthritis
RESEARCHERS have moved a step closer to producing a new device for GPs to detect osteoarthritis and monitor its progression by listening to the noises emitted by their knees. 
A team at Lancaster University and University of Central Lancashire, led by professor John Goodacre and professor Lik-Kwan Shark, have found that a technique called acoustic emission - routinely used in the engineering industry to detect unsafe buildings and bridges - can also be used to pinpoint joint degeneration. 
A two-year study involving 50 people showed that the soundwaves made by the knees of healthy people were different to those with osteoarthritis of the knee.

Team saves the day for Anthony
A FORMER Paralympian who had his artificial legs stolen has been able to walk his sister down the aisle thanks to a hospital team and prosthetics company.  
Anthony Booth, who lost his legs when he was nine, had been practising for four months to walk without sticks to give away his sister Angela at her wedding.  
But a fortnight before her big day his wheelchair and prosthetic legs were stolen, along with his car, and the day before the wedding he made a national television appeal for their return.
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