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Straw Beri (Such and Such Design Ltd)
Straw Beri (Such and Such Design Ltd)
Have you ever chased a straw around a glass? End the chase with Straw Beri

Straw Beri is a smart new straw holder that holds a straw securely at any level in a standard glass or cup it even works in a bottle! Straw Beri puts an end to the straw chase and prevents the straw from rising up out of a fizzy drink. Small, discreet and available in 5 different, berry inspired colours, Straw Beri is just 1.99 for a pack of two or 20 for a punnet of 35.

If you need a longer, tougher, more flexible straw, why not try Flexi-Straw, the extra long, reusable silicone straw! Flexi-Straw is ideal for using in bottles or can be trimmed to size using sharp scissors. A pack of three costs just 2.50.

Straw Beri and Flexi-Straw are reusable and can be dishwashed, sterilised or autoclaved.

Buy online at or by sending a cheque (including 1.50 postage and packing) to Such and Such Design Ltd, 259 Beckenham Rd, Beckenham, Kent, BR3 4RP.
Contact: Hayley Smith / David Buckley - Directors
259 Beckenham Road
tel. 0208 776 7280
fax. 0208 778 7173
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