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T&S Orthotics Ltd
C-Pro Direct Ltd
C-Pro Direct Ltd
C-Pro Direct exists to support medical professionals, parents and children affected by paediatric orthopaedic conditions of the lower limbs.

We support the Ponseti method for treatments of clubfoot. C-Pro Direct is the sole European and Russian distributor for MD Orthopaedics who design and manufacture the "Mitchell" Ponseti Ankle Foot Orthosis. This was developed with Dr Ponseti and has helped thousands of children across the world to avoid clubfoot relapses.

C-Pro Direct manufactures the Black Robin Designs range of products to help parents and children better manage a variety of conditions affecting the lower limbs. Our child-friendly dorsiflexion ramp for idiopathic "toe walkers", Cerebral Palsy sufferers and for clubfeet, is the only product of its kind and a brilliant way of increasing mobility in children through physiotherapy.

Black Robin products also include a specially designed clothing and sleepwear range for babies and children with lower limb conditions.
C-Pro Direct Ltd
Unit 2 Black Robins Farm
Grants Lane
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