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T&S Orthotics Ltd
Touch Bionics
Touch Bionics is a leading developer of advanced upper-limb prosthetics.

In 2007, Touch Bionics brought to market the i-LIMB Hand, a first-to-market prosthetic device with five individually powered digits. The i-LIMB Hand is the world's first fully articulating bionic hand, delivering compliant grip, wraparound fingers, thumb rotation and full hand palmar grip. It brings a new dimension to upper limb prosthetics, with levels of flexibility, durability, aesthetic presentation and overall functionality that have never been seen before. The i-LIMB Hand has quickly established itself as the most exciting new prosthetic product on the market.

Another key innovation from Touch Bionics is ProDigits, the powered finger solution for partial hand amputees. Each individually powered ProDigit provides myoelectric control that has never been possible before. Now patients or users with between 1-5 missing fingers have a solution for what was once a highly debilitating condition.

In addition, Touch Bionics also offers LIVINGSKIN aesthetic restoration, a complete service - a high-definition silicone prosthesis that is created to resemble human skin by mimicking the three dermal layers of natural human skin. To ensure proper colour matching and fit, every prosthesis is custom crafted for each individual.

Touch Bionics continues to develop leading-edge technologies for the treatment of patients with upper-limb deficiencies. For more information, please visit us at
Unit 3 Ashwood Court
Oakbank Park Way
EH53 0TH
tel. 01506 438556
fax. 0845 280 5169
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