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Remploy Healthcare
Remploy Healthcare
As part of Remploy, the UK's leading provider of employment services for people with disabilities and health conditions, Remploy Healthcare has established itself over the last 50 years as being at the forefront of the development and design of healthcare products and services.

Producing a staggering 16,000 wheelchairs each year, recent design innovations offered by Remploy Healthcare include Lightning, the performance wheelchair for the active user, Aurora, which as the lightest wheelchair currently available is ideally suited to the specific conditions of the NHS environment and the Staxi, which is designed to meet the needs of the occasional user and is one of the world's most popular choice of hospital stackable transport chair systems.

The company's extensive range of healthcare products also includes a specialist range of washable continence pads and underwear for both men and women, bed pads and washable chair pads, which can be used on chairs, wheelchairs and car seats.

Remploy Healthcare also offers a range of specialist footwear and podiatry products. The Tivoli range features formal and casual boots, shoes and trainers, as well as an extensive selection of diabetic footwear and specialist moleskins linings, enhanced with the infection fighting properties of silver.

Unlike other healthcare manufacturers and suppliers, Remploy Healthcare benefits from a diverse and flexible workforce, the majority of whom have some form of disability. This unique insight into the requirements and desires of the end use allows Remploy Healthcare to deliver innovative solutions to suit all its customer needs and exceed all expectations.
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