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T&S Orthotics Ltd
Orthotic World / Head 2 Toe
Orthotic World / Head 2 Toe
Our orthotics are manufactured to a very high standard and quality, using the leading manufacturer of both the U.K and Europe, and on occasions the U.S.A.

All medical products are manufactured to directive 93/42/EEC

Trevor Harrison L.B.I.S.T & H.P.C. is an Orthotist of some 30 years experience, working in the N.H.S. and Private Practice. Some 5 yrs of his time were spent in research & development of splints for the treatment of Perthes & Talipes. He has worked with some of the leading consultants in the U.K gaining very valuable experience in Orthotics.

Mr Harrison is able to deal with the full range of Orthotics from Calipers, Knee Bracing, Inlays,Bio-mechanical Soles, Total Contact Insoles, Functional Foot Orthosis. Orthotic World carries the full range of special footwear including standard 'stock type' and made to measure. He employs the most up-to-date technology in splint development, the later being 'The Swing Phase Lock Five Caliper'.

Please ring the Orthotic World free advice service for information concerning your condition or your appliances.

In addition to his private clinic practices, Trevor Harrison is able to provide a 'home visit' within a 50 mile radius of Sheffield.
Contact: Trevor Harrison
Unit C1 Central Block
Prospect Road
S2 3EH
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