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TVS Knee Brace (St. Clare Engineering Ltd)
TVS Knee Brace (St. Clare Engineering Ltd)
St Clare Engineering Ltd (Medical) has been manufacturing and distributing the TVS Knee Brace at it's premises in Southampton, Hampshire since 1978.

The TVS was originally developed in conjunction with St Clare at the Bioengineering Centre, University College, London, with the clinical trials being carried out in collaboration with Queen Mary's Hospital, Roehampton.

The TVS brace has been exported all over the world in addition to being widely available on the NHS via referral from hospitals in the UK. Manufactured entirely in the UK by precision engineers to the ISO 9001:2000 Quality System, the TVS is CE marked and registered with the MDA (Medical Devices Agency).

As an orthosis for moderate valgus (knock knee) or varus (bow leg) instability of the knee, generally caused by arthritis, the TVS is designed to hold a medially or laterally unstable knee from moving into a painful position of deformity while the knee is in extension and weight-bearing. The brace is only effective when the wearer is walking or standing - the leather sling helps pull the knee towards the telescopic tube and prevent the knee from sagging into the last few painful degrees of deformity.

The TVS Brace has been giving support and helping to relieve pain to patients with an Arthritic condition of the knee for in excess of twenty five years, with more than 20,000 people having benefited from it's use in the UK alone. The brace is ultra-lightweight (200 grams/8oz) and can be put on or removed in seconds. A waist suspension belt is also available as an optional extra.

The TVS will re-align the knee joint to its original position and assist the wearer to walk with confidence and stability, while helping to relieve the pain in the knee.
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