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Welcome to Assistive Technologies
Assistive Technologies has become established as a vital reference for healthcare professionals, experts and association businesses who have interests in assistive technologies and mobility improvement. 
The magazine brings the latest news, insights and product information to all clinicians, therapists and equipment suppliers with a professional interest in helping people with disabilities lead more mobile, independent lives. 
It covers the disciplines of rehabilitation, orthotics, prosthetics and orthopaedics as well as further treatment through associated specialists in fields such as occupational therapy, physiotherapy and mobility engineering.
Assistive Technologies
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October 2015 | Touch Bionics unveils i-limb quantum at ISPO Congress
Touch Bionics unveils i-limb quantum at ISPO Congress
TOUCH Bionics has unveiled a significant addition to the company's i-limb range of bionic hands at the International Society of Prosthetics & Orthotics (ISPO) World Congress in Lyon, France.  
The i-limb quantum incorporates the company's patented i-mo™ technology and is the first upper limb prosthesis that can change grips with a simple gesture. 
'We were pleased to introduce the i-limb quantum at the ISPO Congress,' said Ian Stevens, CEO of Touch Bionics. 'The new hand combines unsurpassed functionality with design style.  
'It is smarter, faster, stronger and smaller than any of its predecessors. i-limb wearers can quickly utilise the many grips available through the activation of gesture control using i-mo technology embedded in every i-limb quantum.' 
'The i-limb quantum is the most advanced prosthesis available for individuals affected by limb differences,' said Rebekah Marine, i-limb wearer.  
'I particularly appreciate the ability to almost effortlessly choose different grips using subtle but distinct gestures.  
'The new extra small size will appeal in particular to female users and children.' 
i-limb quantum - key enhancements: 
Smarter - i-mo technology uses simple gestures to change grips. 
Faster - boost digit speed by up to 30 per cent. 
Stronger - up to 30 per cent more power when needed. 
Smaller - anatomical styling now available in three sizes. 
Touch Bionics founder David Gow, the inventor of the i-Limb prosthetic hand, was also recently presented with a CBE.
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