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Assistive Technologies has become established as a vital reference for healthcare professionals, experts and association businesses who have interests in assistive technologies and mobility improvement. 
The magazine brings the latest news, insights and product information to all clinicians, therapists and equipment suppliers with a professional interest in helping people with disabilities lead more mobile, independent lives. 
It covers the disciplines of rehabilitation, orthotics, prosthetics and orthopaedics as well as further treatment through associated specialists in fields such as occupational therapy, physiotherapy and mobility engineering.
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August 2015 | Heather hopes to break Guinness world record for speed skating.
Heather hopes to break Guinness world record for speed skating.
BRITISH disabled skier Heather Mills is attempting to break the Guineess World Record for speed skating - wearing a prosthetic leg that has been a year in development.  
Heather - who lost her leg in a collision with a motorbike in 1993 - only started her professional sporting career in 2011 when she was approached by the head of the Slovenian Masters whilst on a skiing holiday in Austria.  
She has a host of medals under her belt and now has a permanent position with the British disability skiing team - but she's now in training to become the fastest disabled female speed skier in the world.  
She will need to reach speeds of more than 200km/h - a feat that will involve a vertical of drop of between 300 and 340 metres. 
Heather said: 'Skiing is a high-octane sport and I knew the risks when I first set about training. For me though, the most frustrating thing was that my initial prosthesis only offered very limited movement which was neither natural nor comfortable and tended to hinder my performance somewhat.' 
She is using a specialist prosthetic skiing leg designed and built by Abdo Haidar of The London Prosthetic Centre. A painstaking, year-long project which involved over 15 appointments, the prosthesis has been designed to withstand the harshest of racing conditions.
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