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Assistive Technologies has become established as a vital reference for healthcare professionals, experts and association businesses who have interests in assistive technologies and mobility improvement. 
The magazine brings the latest news, insights and product information to all clinicians, therapists and equipment suppliers with a professional interest in helping people with disabilities lead more mobile, independent lives. 
It covers the disciplines of rehabilitation, orthotics, prosthetics and orthopaedics as well as further treatment through associated specialists in fields such as occupational therapy, physiotherapy and mobility engineering.
Assistive Technologies
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February 2016 | FitzKidz works to improve its paediatric footwear offering, service and quality
FitzKidz works to improve its paediatric footwear offering, service and quality
At FitzKidz by Ortho Europe we have been working over the past 12 to 18 months to improve our offering, service and quality across our paediatric footwear.  
By working with patients, clinicians, and technicians we have produced a range of footwear that we feel will meet all clinical and functional requirements for all your needs. 
All of our footwear range is manufactured in the UK by a dedicated technical and design team who can provide tailored solutions for every individual need. 
Manufacturing our products in the UK means we have full control of our pricing and can deliver a cost effect solution to you.  
As we are the manufacturer rather than the distributor we can control and deliver these savings, for example there is no charge for split sizes, or for fastening/ sole/ stiffener or shank options or lasts.  
In addition we are able to offer one of the quickest turn around on the market; 10 working days or a five-day fast track service.  
Since the launch of our new catalogue in August, we have been working closely with our customers and clinicians on a project of continuous improvement and we are soon to offer additional styles contrived by the knowledge provided to us by our loyal customers. 
Likewise, working with clinicians all over the UK, France and Holland we have made advancements in the build of our shoes, most recently the addition of BOA closures across our footwear range.  
By understanding the needs and wants of our customers and obtaining essential information from clinicians we are repeatedly able to keep FitzKidz at the forefront of the market , knowing that each new improvement is formed on the basis of real research and feedback.  
These relationships enable us to design footwear solutions that are the perfect fit, style and design.  
With fully customisable options available for each of our designs, no request is too much and we are able to adapt our products to suit the patient's needs.  
Having clinicians follow our five simple steps of choosing the correct last, upper style, heel stiffener, shank and sole unit - means that the whole process of designing and ordering the correct footwear is completed in a structured and clear technique.  
In essence we can offer a tailored solution at a stock pricing point. 
We look forward to on-going improvement of our product range to keep it prominent in today's orthotic market based on our forward thinking process of development with the help of our customers and clinicians.
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