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It covers the disciplines of rehabilitation, orthotics, prosthetics and orthopaedics as well as further treatment through associated specialists in fields such as occupational therapy, physiotherapy and mobility engineering.
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April 2014 | Simulation tools aim to bridge exclusion gap
Simulation tools aim to bridge exclusion gap
A SET of gloves and glasses which simulate common physical limitations, like age-related long-sightedness or arthritis, have been released in the hope of getting more designers to think again about the usability of their products. 
Researchers at the University of Cambridge's Engineering Design Centre say millions of people around the country - in particular the ageing, baby-boomer generation - have unnecessary difficulty using everyday products ranging from gadgets, to packaging, to windows and doors, because of poor design. Addressing these issues would also reduce the costs of social care. 
The simulation gloves and glasses, which are on sale from the inclusive design toolkit website, allow designers to experience these limitations for themselves, so that they can identify opportunities for design improvements that would help these "baby-boomers".  
Dr Sam Walleris pictured wearing the simulation glasses and gloves.
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